The Right Cakes for the Right Occasion
Any occasion can never be complete without cake. Cake for birthdays, weddings, holiday parties, get-together etc. What ever you are planning, you need to make sure you got the right type of cake. Knowing which type is best begins with exploring the different types of cakes.

Birthday cakes


These are the most common and popular types of cakes. They come in different forms, depending on who they are meant for. With a variety of flavors and contents you can get as creative as you can with these. Children find it more special to have personalized cakes, so you can make a car or a game console kind of cake. Flavor is also important, you can choose chocolate flavor or strawberries for kids. For adults consider wine or cheese flavors for the cake.

Castle cakes

These are appropriate for kids or adults of all ages. Castle cakes present a sense of the world of fairy-tales. If you are into the mysteries and wonders of fairies, this cake should suit you just fine. You can have yourself a magical fairytale wedding with a castle cake to match your theme.

Square cakes

These are cakes with no limitations on decoration, you can pretty much make anything out of them. They are best for catering large groups no matter the occasion. You can choose to have flowers, different colors or even pictures in their background. The other great thing about these is that you can stack up to 6 compartments of cake with their simple design.
Cakes have been around for ages, they have shaped the way we celebrate our special occasions. Personalize your child’s name on his birthday cake, paste a photo or your daughter for her graduation on her square cake, or create a stylish cake tower for your wedding. There are many types of cakes out there, which one will you choose?

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