Baking the Perfect Delicious Cake

Typically, when anyone is asked to name a dessert food, they will instantly think of a delicious, sweet cake. The reason for this is that cake is a fantastic and adaptable dessert, coming in many flavors and variations. But how do you actually make a cake?


cake ingredients

Generally, cakes use the same base ingredients. This includes caster sugar, butter or margarine, eggs, self-raising flour, milk, and baking powder. Of course, things like egg can be substituted in the case of vegan cakes. Most cakes use a filling in the form of jam or fruit compote, or frosting made from butter, icing sugar, and flavoring such as vanilla extract. However, the ingredients of the cake vary depending on the type and flavor of cake you are aiming for. It’s always fun to experiment and try different types!

Types of Cake

Perhaps the most classic type of cake is a Victoria Sponge, made using two layers of sponge cake with jam and cream between them, and dusted with icing sugar. Another popular type are birthday cakes, often involving jam and decorative icing between the cake layers; birthday cakes can be extra fun and full of sugary flavor, such as with Funfetti. Black Forest Gateau, Carrot Cake, Cheesecake, Chocolate Cake and Red Velvet Cake are more mouth-watering variants. Finding the perfect cake is all about trying out as many flavors as possible! And remember, there aren’t just the typical American cakes to taste, but also foreign varieties with a whole wealth of flavors.



Cake decoration usually depends on the type of cake in question, but if you’re making a birthday cake or a sponge, you can decorate them however you want! Try buying pre-made decorations from a store or, if you’re feeling confident, ice up your own cakes and make your own frosting. Even if the first attempt looks messy, it’s sure to taste delicious.

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